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The zhejiang province yuhuan Plastic Man Road Ltd. spccialied in bathfab facetab Which can be extended contracted and stranghted frecly.And contrasted with others in this line.They are good in compressive strength conwience and stable.They are fitted to be wsod from-20c to 100c for waster water emission. espccidy in.....fitting which is dcvdoped Latest.Because ther is a steel wire in The pipe it cnstrongs The compressive strongth.And guarantee it can be cndnre more pressure.This product is well sold all over The world and are farored bythe cusfomers Our prodwets are almost selled for in Europe and so on

      Our company bases on its business precepts "Quality-first,And reputatie-upmost" We are stricked in quality and Checking all prodwets. Pelive in time is our promise to every customer, At the same time,We can develope the prodnets wnder the require of customers . We sincerely welcome the friends of all circles at home and abroad to pay us avisit.


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